Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just some 411

I swear I’m going to be a blog writing machine!! Haha.  All I want to do is write.

I thought I would give you guys a little more info about me. My name sounds like a good place to start. J My name is Raeleen C Viera. Up until recently (and thanks to facebook) I thought I was the only Raeleen there is. Apparently there are a bunch of us and a lot are spelled like mine too. I was named after my Daddy, Raymond. I was his third daughter. Poor guy was dieing for a boy to name after him. Sorry Dad...Hehe.

I live in the brown, brown desert in sunny California. I love living out here because it’s so quiet and there’s an enormous amount of privacy. It’s amazing at night because you can see every star in the sky and I LOVE, LOVE stars!! We have 5 acres and it’s perfect for our dogs and our kiddos.  I would like for there to be more GRASS and trees but hey you can’t have it all, right?

I’m happily in love with my Honey, Joel. Every part of me tells me that he was made just for me!! I’ve never been happier and I’m so thankful.  

We share 3 beautiful kids and two fur-kids. I say share because we didn’t make them together, I had Kiarrah and Gabriel from a previous marriage and Joel had Efren from a previous marriage. None of that matters though because they are all loved the same!  Kiarrah is 10, going on 15 lol. Gabriel is 7 and Efren is 6. They are all smart, funny and very well behaved. Our fur-kids are Bishop and Bella. We love them like our kids and we talk to them like our kids.  Yes we are blessed!! :D

Now some facts…..  I love, love music! Especially Oldies, I swear I was born in the wrong time lol ….. Spiders, bugs, snakes and lizards scare me, I’m a HUGE baby if any of those cross my path ….. I hate little pain, probably sounds weird but I do, paper cuts and bumped elbows are the worse …. I love make-up! …. Chuck Taylors are one of my addictions :D …. I have two tattoos; I want at least 5 more. I have stars on my foot, me and my two older sisters have matching ones :D and an African Violet on my back for my Tia who passed away … I have 5 sisters, 1 brother, 5 nieces and 3 nephews …. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, if I could I would be a Vet/photographer/social worker/cosmetologist/OBGYN, do you think they have those, hmm …. I love The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan …. I wish Dr. House was a real person so he could be my doctor lol …. I love to read books, any kind really …. I don’t know how to type so my honey got me a typing program, I’m doing pretty good if I do say so myself :D and I love socks with designs on them!!   Heres a few pics :D

                                  Me and my Love. One of our favorite pictures <3
                                          Kiarrah, i say "smile" and this is what i always get LOL
                                                         Gabriel, hes usually shy for pictures :)
                                                                Efren, he always has a pose :D
                                                           Bella and my big boy Bishop

                                                      <3 Rae

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