Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mom with the hand sanitizer bottle.

As a Mom you want to protect your kids from everything, big or small. At this moment I want to protect mine from GERMS!!!! I hate when my kids are sick, I feel so helpless. Helplessness is a shitty feeling when you’re a Mom.
I know it could be worse; they could have a horrible disease or virus. And I’m thankful they don’t! Gabriel had a fever and the stomach flu last Thursday and Friday but today he got sent home early because he had an earache. And Kiarrah has a runny nose and sometimes a sore throat. I find myself touching my ear when I hear him cry about his. It’s like I get these sympathy pains. My ear will actually hurt! And Kiarrah makes my eyes water when she’s blowing her red nose. I’m thankful that my kids are tougher than me. Because Lord knows I’m a HUGE baby when I’m sick.
I’m actually surprised they lasted this long, with school just staring and everything. Germs are the only thing kids don’t mind sharing. I always send them with a small bottle of hand sanitizer in their backpack and encourage them to use it through out the day. They don’t use it though, its still full :/ I wish I could be at school with them so I could remind them to use it and even have the other kids use it. Yeah that’s just what my kid’s want, me following them around with a bottle of hand sanitizer ha-ha.

A few years ago I volunteered in my Daughters class everyday for the whole year and I always had a bottle of it in my purse. They would come in from recess and some of their hands would be BLACK from the monkey bars, or playing with the balls. Ugh it was horrible!! I remember asking the teacher if the playground structures ever got cleaned! There wasn’t always enough time to wash hands so she started bringing baby wipes for them. That didn’t satisfy me so I would have Kiarrah use my hand sanitizer, her friends started asking me for some and eventually the whole class would ask for some too. The kids loved it. It was kind of funny though because she had a foam kind attached to their wall but for some reason mine was better lol. That was fine with us as long as they were using it. She didn’t have a lot of absent students that year compared to past years. Ten points for me! 

I know they’re going to get sick, I can’t stop that but that doesn’t mean that I have to like it right? Right! 
 <3 Rae

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