Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moneys not my friend!!

MONEY!! I feel like it rules people’s lives. I don’t want it to rule mine or my families. There’s always the stress of not having enough money.  Even when there is enough, im worried about the next time when there might not be enough. Money, money and more money!!.

I don’t want to pay for electricity or food but I don’t want to live in the dark or starve lol. What my Honey and I really want is to be off the “grid”. We want solar panels, a windmill, a green house, (we already have the Well). Why not use what God gave us, the sun and wind and the ability to grow something and eat it. Maybe even our own internet that our neighbor’s can also have and for FREE!!

I would’ve LOVED to have been born when money wasn’t so important. When people traded chickens, cows and veggies to get what they need. When, a community was really close. I’m talking Little House on the Prairie days. Make everything had to be made from scratch, my honey would build our house and furniture, I would make all our clothes, and we would get our water from a well house lol. It would be hard work but, so worth it. I don’t get jealous when I see people in huge houses with grass, or nice fancy cars, or women wearing lots of shiny jewelry.  I get jealous when I pass by houses with Solar panels and Windmills, or when I see huge gardens, with everything you could imagine growing in them. It’s“awe I want that!!!” Lol. You know what? I will have all that, I know I will. I just don’t have the patience to wait for it, not that I have a choice. ;)

My dream is to have a huge property (that we own), with an electric fence (so our dogs cant escape lol) 3 houses, our house, a small house for my Dad and one for my Mom. Solar panels on every house and windmills to power our whole property. A huge green house with everything you could think of. Vegetables and fruits, herbs and spices :D And a farm, with lots of animals!! Especially pigs and ducks (because they are my favorite animal), oh and one horse that’s white with brown spots because my daughter is dieing to have one. I want our family and friends to come to us to get their vegetables and fruits. And during Halloween they can all come and pick pumpkins and check out our animals and all for free!

Awe the good life! My Honey and I have talked about all this soooo many times!! We lie in bed and talk for HOURS about our dreams. For now they’re hopes and dreams but one day they will be our reality. :D

 <3 Rae

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