Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The other day I was cruisn the web and somehow I ran into a website that hooks you up with businesses that give you goodies for your Birthday!! I signed us up for most of them already.

The first set of freebies was for the kiddos :D

The most popular kid birthday club is Toys R Us’- Geoffrey’s Birthday club!! I’ve always loved this one, they get a gift card , a small in store celebration and a PHONE CALL from Geoffrey himself :D Last year was Kiarrahs last year for this club, age limit is 10. You can sign up your kiddo (HERE) :D  Sonics- Wacky Pack kids Birthday Club (HERE) they do half birthdays too!! I love that one because my daughter likes to say “I’m Ten and a half!” LOL well now she can get a small treat for her being ‘half’ ;). The Children’s Place (HERE), MOM also gets a GIFT! And Kmart (HERE) they get 5 Birthday Bucks, Bday crown, Happy Bday certificate, and a Bday fun pack with surprise goodies inside :D

There are also some that let you sign up the whole fam! I liked those; they all offer some kind of BOGO coupon or free meal ON YOUR Birthday…..

Baskin Robins (HERE), I Hop (HERE), Steak N Shake (HERE) they do Anniversaries too!!

Just YOUR Birthday ones are also printable/mailed BOGO coupons…..

Apple Bees (HERE), Dairy Queen (HERE), Chicken of the Seas- Mermaid Club LOL this one is funny (HERE), Arbys (HERE), Ben & Jerry’s- Cunk Slelunker (HERE), Black Angus'- Prime Club (HERE), Coldstone Creamery (HERE), Del Taco (HERE), El Toritos- Bull Ring (HERE), Hooters (HERE), Medieval Times join the Fellowship (HERE).

One last one, its for FurBabies!!!! Petco (HERE)!!

There were SO many more! These are just some that are familiar to me and my family. If you want to find more just Google Birthday Freebies :D Now start signing up to get you some Bday freebies :D

     <3 Rae

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