Monday, October 31, 2011

Salt Dough Ghosts and T-Shirt Scarfs

   I haven’t been here in a week or so and I missed it :) I was sick for a little while there, I'm getting better now so, here I am.  
    Ive recently became obsessed with the website Pinterest. com. On this website I have found a million cool things!!!! So many ideas for parties, hair, decorating, you name it. My favorite is the DIY & Crafts, it has so many fun projects.

   The kids favorite is the Salt Dough!!! I first saw it (HERE) and it was for Salt Dough Ghosts,

which we made! I gotta tell you, its SO easy!! But MESSY!! Well at least so far it is. Ive made it twice, so im still trying to find my groove with it. We did somethings different from the recipe. I cut all the measurements in half because I wasnt sure how much it would make (then I noticed we were low on salt so half was perfect), we died the dough with food coloring instead of painting them. We weren’t that smart though and just put the food coloring in each little ghost, mixed him up and then formed him back into a ghost. Later I found out that you should put the drops of color in the WATER and BEFORE you mix all the ingredients together HAHAHA! Our way worked too but on try number 2, we did it the right way and our hands stayed tan :) No matter what, we had fun and that’s really what counts.Heres a few pics of our Ghosts...
      They came out a little brown :( we loved them anyway :D
   Now, My favorite is the T-Shirt Scarf :) I fist saw it (HERE) 
 but then I found this one (HERE) 
 and I think its better. I love this because you can use any shirt that you don’t mind cutting up and there is no sewing involved at all and all you need is t-shirts in any colors you want and scissors. I made one the same night I found it. Kiarrah made one the next day after seeing mine and then I made two more :D  With my first one, I should’ve made my circles smaller so that my scarf would have been tighter, lesson learned :) Now with the last two I made I didn’t use a t-shirt I used some really old ribbed tank tops that I had. And because it wasn’t a t-shirt the strips of shirt didn’t curl in like they are supposed to and they circles ended up being smaller which led to a smaller scarf. Perfect for the kiddos :D They ended up being warmer and looking better all together. 
    See i think the circles should be closer, oh well next time :)
    Love it :) i was so proud! Kiarrah couldn't wait to do one :D
    Proud Girl :D
      Heres the ribbed tank ones, i love them, im gonna try to make one for me but im gonna need more tanks first
     Jr modeling his :D
     Juice modeling hers :D
We had a lot of fun making them and theyve worn them everyday, ive put them in the washer and they made it out fine, i kept them out of the dryer though just in case ;) I hope you liked em! <3 Rae

For the recipe for the salt dough and more salt dough ideas here are the links…

For the T-Shirt Scarf tutorial and other t-shirt tutorials here are the links…

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