Saturday, October 15, 2011

pretty ReD....

ReD isn’t one of my favorite colors. In fact it’s probably my least favorites. I don’t own a lot of ReD, just a few things but I found myself wearing ReD two days in a row! Weird! So I decided to do a pretty ReD blog, like my  pretty PiNk blog. :D

        <3 pretty yummy ReD watermelon, my favorite fruit :p….

        <3 pretty ReD leaves during fall….

        <3 pretty ReD chucks that have to be Dorthy inspired….

        <3 pretty ReD eye :D….

        <3 pretty delicious weakness of mine. ReD Vines!!....

        <3 pretty ReD old school party cups. Ol’ faithful :D….

        <3 pretty nice ReD room….

        <3 pretty ReD starfish :D….

        <3 pretty cool ReD telephone booths, that remind me of Harry Potter….

        <3 pretty tasty ReD Velvet cake YUM….

        <3 pretty striped ReD socks, that I now want!!....

        <3 pretty awesome ReD microphone Onesi, I wish my kids could’ve had this when they were babies….

        <3 pretty fast ReD superhero…. 

     <3 Rae

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