Monday, November 7, 2011

Memory Monday

So i wanted to Blog about Mine and the kids Turkeys that we made this afternoon BUT the pictures are taking too long to upload SO i decided to just share some pictures of us over this past month or so.  Since its Monday ill call this Memory Monday. Hey maybe ill do this every Monday! Shoot i'm gonna have to make myself reminders lol.

So anyway, for the longest, i couldn't upload my pictures at all due to the fact that i don't have the CD to my favorite Aunts camera. Then i found this nifty little USB Card Reader for 5 bucks!!!! I ordered it off Amazon but it took FOREVER to get here :( When it finally arrived, i was so excited! I had SO many pictures! All the way back to the end of August!  Madness!
So here are some, I hope you enjoy....

 <3 My beautiful children on Picture day back in September..
 <3 Our Cantaloupe, we kept seeds from a cantaloupe that we ate and then planted the seeds :)..
<3 Planting our plants..
 <3 So proud..
<3 The desert smells AMAZING when it rains..
 <3 Helping Mom make a Cheese Ball..
<3 My Girls :D..
 <3 1st. Scorpian my Daughter found in HER ROOM!! My Honeys so brave he picked it up with his fingers!..
<3 Bishops homemade beenie to keep his head warm :) Kiarrah made it for him out of some old pj bottoms lol she cracks me up!!..
<3 My Handsome Boy reading to me..
Ill save the rest for next Monday or when i remember to do another Memory Blog. Thanks for stopping by, <3 Rae

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