Thursday, November 10, 2011

Turkey craft

Wow! I can’t believe I forgot about the turkeys that we made, I wanted to share them but spaced it. So here I am!!! yay!! :)

I found the turkey idea (here) 
 and since I had so many tp rolls left over from the bird feeders, I knew this had to be the next project.

Let’s get to it……

Here’s what you need; tp rolls, colored construction paper, pencil, scissors, glue, googly eyes (we drew ours on) and your kids :D

1)   the first thing we did was pick out the colors that we wanted for Turkey’s feathers (Red, Orange, brown and yellow),
2)   Then we traced our hands on the paper, cut them out and set them aside for later.
3)   The next thing we did was color on their eyes and cut out a little beak for Turkey ( cut a v shape on your tp roll and fold up to make his beak)   *while the kids were busy doing that I was drawing and cutting  out their feet and gobbles (gobbles- you know the little thing that hangs from their necks, lol)
4)   Next we glued on turkeys feet and gobble
5)   finally, decide what color order you want his feathers to go and start gluing them on to the back of your turkey
6)   Now you and your kids can admire your thanksgiving turkeys!!! :D

We got a little more creative than the original one we saw by adding the feet (turkeys gotta have feet, how will they walk?). We also did one where instead of using our traced hands, we cut out feathers with crazy scissors to make the feathers look, well, crazy :) And since my kids are so nice they wanted to make one for their teachers and their schools office! I thought it would be cute for them to write Thankfuls on the back of their feathers so that’s exactly what we did. For their school they wrote “I’m thankful for Mariana”, on their teachers they wrote “I’m thankful for mrs…and their teachers name!! How sweet!

<3 Rae

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